Bocce Balls

Need a new set of bocce balls?  Don’t want the standard red and green balls that everyone has?  You’ll love our multi-colored balls that are perfect for the beach, backyard or your local bocce club.  Single colored balls are also available.  All balls are solid material all the way through, meaning they don’t have rubber or other materials underneath a pretty shell.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR SET:  Choose your (2) favorite styles.  We’ll send you (4) of each for set of 8 balls.

Please EMAIL or CALL  (978) 204-3663 for questions and current pricing of our imported bocce balls.  

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If you need more than (4) balls of 1 style, let us know.  You can order as many as you need.  Sometimes people order (6) of each style to play games of 3 vs 3 , where each person plays (2) balls.

FYI:  Bocce is a plural term which means:  “a group of balls used to play the bowling called Bocce.”  It is technically redundant to say Bocce Balls, but oh well, that’s what folks say in the USA.

EMAIL or CALL  (978) 204-3663 

The International Bocce Event Company * (978) 204-3663